TMB Product Warranty

TMB proprietary and exclusively distributed products are warranted against defective materials or workmanship from the date of original sale by TMB.  Duration of the warranty depends on the product (see Table 1 below).

TMB’s warranty shall be restricted to the repair or replacement of any part that proves to be defective and for which a claim is submitted to TMB before the expiration of the applicable warranty periods.

This Limited Warranty is void if the defects of the Product are the result of:

  • Opening the casing, repair, or adjustment by anyone other than TMB or persons specifically authorized by TMB.
  • Accident, physical abuse, mishandling, or misapplication of the product.
  • Damage due to lightning, earthquake, flood, terrorism, war, or act of God.

TMB will not assume responsibility for any labor expended, or materials used, to replace and/or repair the Product without TMB’s prior written authorization.  Any repair of the Product in the field, and any associated labor charges, must be authorized in advance by TMB.  Freight costs on warranty repairs are split 50/50: Customer pays to ship defective product to TMB; TMB pays to ship repaired product, ground freight, back to Customer.

This warranty does not cover consequential damages or costs of any kind.

A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number must be obtained from TMB prior to return of any defective merchandise for warranty or non-warranty repair.  For all repairs please contact TMB Tech Support Repair using the contact information below or email:

North America:



US                                                                 UK

527 Park Ave.                                               21 Armstrong Way
San Fernando, CA 91340                           Southall, UB2 4SD England
Tel: +1 818.899.8818                                  Tel: +44 (0)20.8574.9700
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TMB 24/7 Technical Support
US/Canada:  +1 818.794.1286
Toll Free:  1 877.862.3833 (877.TMB.DUDE)
UK:  +44 (0)20.8574.9739
Toll Free:  0800.652.5418


Table 1:

Product Warranty (Years) Note
Dataplex Cables 5
Dataplex Devices 2
DVI Parrot 1
EZ-Tilt 1
Firefly Fairy Lights 2
Firefly Festoon 2
Firefly FloppyFlex 3
Grapple 1
KC 1
nanoScope 2
Pro Cables Assemblies 5
ProAqua 5
ProBurger 1
ProCable 5
ProCan 1
ProFan 1
ProFixture Wire 5
ProMolded 10 ProCable, Starcable, BO/BI
ProPin 1
ProPlex 10GBS 2
ProPlex Portable Data Cable 5
ProPlex Installation Data Cable 5
ProPlex EZ-LAN 2
ProPlex FloppyDrive 2
ProPlex Fibre 1
ProPlex GBS  10/28-port 2
ProPlex GBS Mini 2
ProPlex IQ One 2
ProPlex IQ Two 1616 2
ProPlex IQ Two 416 2
ProPlex IQ Tester 2
ProPlex MasterFade 2
ProPlex Opto-Splitter 2
ProPlex Opto-Splitter Mini 2
ProPlex SceneSwitch 8 2
ProPlex Striker 2
ProPlex X4 2
ProPower 1
ProPower CE 1
ProSeries PS19 1
ProShell 1
ProStand 1
ProStringer 2
ProTester 19 1
ProTester DMX 1
ProXS 1
ProZone 5
Solaris CF-35 2
Solaris Flare / Flare Jr. 2
Solaris Flare LR 2
Solaris Flare Rayzr 2
Solaris Flare IP 2
Solaris Mozart 2
Solaris Quasar 2
Solaris SoLED 2
Solaris T-Light 2
Starcable 5