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  Professional Continuity Testersfor opticalCON Fibre Cables
Available in Rackmount and Portable units REQUEST A DEMO Caution – For PC/UPC opticalCON cables only. Use with single-mode APC opticalCON cables may cause physical connector damage. Instructions: DOWNLOADS Cut SheetUS LetterA4

A big thank you to Jeff Brink of Blackout Lighting Console, and CEO of Brink Ventures, for his review of the ProPlex IQ Tester LV, “an essential tool”.


Manage, monitor, and control any RDM device from your computer Enables powerful ProPlex RDM Manager and most RDM/DMX computer software programs Perform address and mode changes; monitor RDM feedback – all at your fingertips! Doubles as fixture firmware updater cable Great for show prep Ideal for venues where access to fixtures is costly or difficult…