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Flare Q+ – A New Generation of Flare BRIGHT! Over 1000 Watt brightness (in Turbo Mode) QUIET! Perfect for stage and studio! POWERFUL OPTIONS! Three modes for maximized performance + full compatibility with all generations of Flares. A perfect match for the award-winning Flare in an entirely new package. Theatre Mode: Quiet, effectively silent operation…

Flare Q+ – A New Generation of Flare MORE QUIET! Perfect for stage and studio! MORE BRIGHT! Over 1000 Watt brightness (in Turbo Mode) MORE OPTIONS! Three modes for improved performance + full compatibility with earlier generation Flares. Perfect for retrofitting in existing systems. Theatre Mode:  Quiet, effectively silent operation, 8% brighter Turbo Mode:  At…

Solaris LED Flare IP HD and HR Outdoor RGBW, long-throw fixtures feature CREE® LEDs and deliver up to 34,000 lumens of brightness depending on model and fixture head. Based on technology proven in the award-winning super-bright Flare stage lighting fixture, Flare IP offers unprecedented RGBW output per Watt, making Flare HD and HR truly “Green”…



W840 LED Strobe

Revolutionary! Takes lighting technology to the next level, with a full 1000 Watts of RGBW LED brightness! Mix or bump thousands of colors instantaneously! Can function as a brilliantly bright Wash/Blinder and Strobe at the same time! Use alone or synchronize multiple units to create large-scale color-changing strobe effects. The extremely high refresh rate of…

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CF-35 Strobe


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