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RackMount versions available with full RDM functionality, or DMX-only. Mini PortableMount versions available with full RDM functionality, wired or wireless, or DMX-only. RackMount units feature two DMX inputs individually switchable between 4 or 8 isolated outputs. DMX regeneration feature on some DMX models overcomes DMX signal problems. ProPlex “Blue Box” rugged, tour ready enclosures: RackMount and…


Total visibility for setting up DMX channels on multiple IQs.  No multiple button pushing! Change settings on multiple IQ’s at once from a single source. Export all IQ settings for easy reloading or sending individual or group setup files. Live full-universe readout of DMX channels provides visibility for all data. Set up merging with two…

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Patch any six channels, or record scenes to the faders. Capture static or dynamic scenes from an external console. Setup and monitor RDM-capable devices.     ProPlex MasterFade – Basics Tutorial