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Available configurations in standard sizes: Assemblies for The Americas ProPlex CAT5e ULTRA Ethernet Cables with ProShell Part Number Length ZPCCAT5EPJ2.5 2.5 ft ZPCCAT5EPJ5 5 ft ZPCCAT5EPJ10 10 ft ZPCCAT5EPJ15 15 ft ZPCCAT5EPJC25 25 ft ZPCCAT5EPJC50 50 ft ZPCCAT5EPJC75 75 ft ZPCCAT5EPJC100 100 ft ZPCCAT5EPJC150 150 ft ZPCCAT5EPJC200 200 ft ZPCCAT5EPJC300 300 ft ZPCCAT5EPJC330 330 ft…

CAT5e snake assembly

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CAT5e Ethernet Snake Cables