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IMS Logo

IMS Logo

Individually DMX controlled Marquee / Festoon Lighting Systems


YARA Outdoor RGBW LED PAR The CLF Yara is the ideal workhorse for every purpose. The LED fixture has an outstanding smooth RGBW color mixing delivered by 14 high power LEDs with a very punchy 15° beam angle. The specially selected LEDs provide high output with intense colors and an exceptional white balance. IP65 rating…


Classic look of traditional Marquee/Festoon lighting without the headaches! • Clear V6 and V12 “Filament” versions provide beautiful, warm, vintage look • Frosted versions in warm and cool white, plus a selection of rich, deep colors • High levels of quality control and color temperature consistency • Unique flat, self-levelling IP44 Festoon cables, in variety…

Perfect for any installation, event, public space, or theme Ideal for portable multi-use rental applications! Quick-Connect accessories save time and money Rugged cable and fittings. Breakresistant lamps! Safe! 24-volt DC operation. Use indoors and outdoors! UV, rain, and dust resistant. Correct, golden 2500K color temperature Systems include Strings and Icicles Save a fortune in replacement…


Standard colors: RGB, RGBW, 2100K Golden White, 2700K Warm White, 4000K Cool White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Orange. UV & flame resistant construction (PVC) Domed profile for large viewing angles (270°) Uniform & even light source with no LED “hotspots” High illumination Flexible with 120mm minimum bending diameter Easy to use and install, with…

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ProPlex logo

Submersible Data Cable


Solaris LED Flare IP HD and HR Outdoor RGBW, long-throw fixtures feature CREE® LEDs and deliver up to 34,000 lumens of brightness depending on model and fixture head. Based on technology proven in the award-winning super-bright Flare stage lighting fixture, Flare IP offers unprecedented RGBW output per Watt, making Flare HD and HR truly “Green”…

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CF-35 Strobe


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PCLP2PT – ProPlex Architectural Node LV Cable 2-pair. 2-16 AWG (1.5mm2) pairs and 1-14 AWG (2.5mm2) ground conductor in a durable PVC jacket. PCLP2PTP – As above but meets UL Standard 13, NEC Article 725 for Plenum Applications. PCLP1PT – ProPlex Architectural Node LV Cable 1-pair. 1-16 AWG (1.5mm2) pair and 1-22 AWG (0.34mm2) ground…

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ProPlex logo

DMX Installation Cables

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Submersible Cables

Custom underwater power and data cables configured for your specific application.