ProPlex CAT5e “Ultra” S/FTP Ethernet Patch Cable

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NEW! IMPROVED! CAT5e “Ultra” S/FTP Ethernet Patch Cable


New, premium ProPlex CAT5e Ultra will replace popular ProPlex CAT5e. Designed specifically for portable use in the Entertainment Production and Staging market, ProPlex CAT5e was the FIRST road-worthy, dependable, verified Ethernet patch cable, combining long-term reliability and optimum handling characteristics with unsurpassed critical data integrity – all proven over ten-plus years of professional industry use, over five million meters of cable sold, and over millions of touring miles traveled.

Suitable for indoor, outdoor, and temporary underwater applications, ProPlex CAT5e Ultra, with S/FTP construction, incorporates everything you loved about original ProPlex CAT5e – extreme durability and optimum handling over many years of portable use, plus fully verified Gigabit performance with almost zero skew and extreme noise resistance for the most difficult environments. In addition, ProPlex CAT5e Ultra represents a serious upgrade, featuring superior performance in many ways:

  • Improved data integrity at longer lengths
  • Improved ProPlex class-leading noise protection
  • Reduced transmission degradation, even after years of heavy use and abuse
  • Full Gigabit performance up to 90m
  • Expanded flexibility – suitable for use in CAT6 applications
  • Reduced DC resistance
  • Reduced attenuation
  • Improved N.E.X.T. (Near-end crosstalk loss)
  • Increased tensile strength

General Specifications

  • Part Number | PCCAT5EPU
  • Conductors | 24 AWG [0.25 mm2] tinned copper, 7×0.20 mm
  • Insulation | Cellular PO,
  • Insulation Diameter | 0.055” [1.4 mm] nom.
  • Color Code | White/Blue X Blue; White/Orange X Orange; White/Green X Green; White/Brown X Brown.
  • Assembly | Pairs individually shielded and cabled with strength yarns.
  • Shield-Inner | Individual aluminum foil for each pair, 100% coverage.
  • SHield-Outer | tinned copper braid, 80% coverage
  • Jacket | Black, UV resistant industrial grade PU compound.
  • Marking | ProPlex PCCAT5EPU Ultra S/FTP 24AWG shielded 100MHz Data Cable Cat5e verified [batch no.]
  • Weight | 47 lbs./mft [70 Kg/Km]
  • Outside Diameter | 0.32” [8.1 mm] +/-0.012” [0.3 mm]
  • Bend Radius | 75 mm min.
  • Max. tensile force during installation | 150 N
  • Drag Chain | May be used in drag chain (cable carrier) applications. Avoid surface contact between cables with different jacket materials, or abrasion may result.
  • Temperature Rating | Operational: -40 to +70 °C
  • Flame test | IEC 60332.1
  • Environmental | per IEC 61156-6 and ISO/IEC 11801
  • RoHS compliance | RoHS-2 2015/863/EU

Electrical Specifications

  • Velocity of Propagation | 78% nom.
  • Impedance | 100 +/- 5 Ohm (100 MHz)
  • Delay Skew | 25 ns/100 m max.
  • Dielectric Strength | VAC/1min – 700V/min
  • Capacitance | 42 pF/m nom. @1 KHz
  • Resistance Unbalance | 2% max @ 20 °C
  • Capacitance Unbalance | 1.4 pF/m max. @ 800 Hz
  • Insulation Resistance | 5000 M Ohm / Km Min.
  • DC Resistance | 93 Ohm/Km @ 20 °C
  • Typical channel length | Up to 90 m @ 20 °C
  • Alien cross talk | Proven by design per IEC 61156-6
  • Coupling Attenuation | Type I per IEC 61156-6
  • Transfer impedance | Grade 1 per IEC 61156-6
  • Transverse conversion loss | Level A per IEC 61156-6
As ever, you have managed to perform minor miracles in getting things completed to deadline.
Ian Saunders White Light Ltd.
I really appreciate your attention to detail and your outstanding customer service!
Bradlee G. Jones PSAV
Thank you so much for getting this out to our customer in Macau. They were extremely impressed and grateful. You and your team did a fantastic job.
Julie Duarte 4Wall
Just wanted to say a big thank you for turning all the cable around last week. All went out on trucks in time. Appreciate all the support from you guys.
Lucy Taylor VER
Thanks for making my sh** week that little bit easier
Ed Railton Limelite Lighting Limited
TMB delivered great technical support for our supply of Flare LR Q+ fixtures. It is a great product we’re happy to stock. TMB support and the Flare product line is a great pairing.
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