TMB Pro-User Products

The TMB Pro-User Program has been instituted to encourage wider professional use of a limited selection of TMB “Pro-User” products. TMB intends to sell these products, and their related accessories, directly to individuals who TMB has qualified as professional users, without going through a TMB dealer.

With the exception of these Pro-User products, TMB will continue to strictly follow our Sales Policy. This will include sales of any other TMB product to qualified TMB Pro-Users. TMB is confident that getting specialized, unique, and useful ProPlex tools into the hands of as many users as possible will benefit TMB dealers as well as professional users everywhere.

Current Pro-User products are limited to the following:

Qualify as a Pro-User!

  1. Individuals who work in the industry as programmers and system techs can qualify for TMB Pro-User status by contacting any TMB Salesperson.
  2. Once qualified, you will be registered as a TMB Pro-User and will be qualified to purchase one each of the products listed above, plus any directly related accessories.