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Dependable night after night, mile after mile, through whatever life on the road throws at them
ProPlex data cables feature the highest quality verified electronic specifications
Time and again, many impossible deadlines met, at no extra charge, in US, and UK. Barcoding, labeling, special orders, no request too much
TMB has the largest cabling operations in LA, NY, UK. In each market, TMB has the greatest capacity for effectively delivering large, last minute orders
All cables are NOT the same!
TMB is the standard to which others are compared!

Why buy Pro Cables at TMB?

Since 1983 - FIRST to design and build custom, proprietary cables, connectors, and assemblies for the entertainment production and staging industry.
  • FIRST ready-made 6-Circuit “Soca” assemblies
  • FIRST 1214, 6-Circuit “Soca” cable
  • FIRST 6-Circuit “Soca” ground ring
  • FIRST Listed, “make-ground-first”, machined hard-coated aluminum, Neoprene insert, removable contacts, 6-Circuit “Soca” connector
  • FIRST ready-made DMX assemblies
  • FIRST road-worthy, dependable, verified DMX cable
  • FIRST road-worthy, dependable, verified CAT5e and CAT6a cables
  • FIRST retrofittable, rugged RJ45 protective back-shell and cap
  • FIRST “SneakSnake” Ethernet cable to DMX break-ins and -outs
  • FIRST “CPC Snake” cable to DMX break-ins and -outs
  • FIRST steel-armored portable fibre optic cables and breakouts
  • FIRST and only power cable assemblies Listed specifically for portable entertainment use
  • FIRST Listed, extra-hard duty, combined mains power + data cables
  • FIRST portable, stranded, fully verified CAT6a cable with 100-meter performance!

PDFicon20px Pro Cables Overview Sheet

cCSAus-mark Unique to TMB: All standard North American Pro Cables power cable assemblies, including 6-circuit “Soca” assemblies, are CSA Listed for extra-hard, or hard, usage. TMB offers the only assemblies fully certified as compliant with National Electrical Code Articles 520 and 530, for use in entertainment production and staging applications.
Extra Hard Usage – Pro Cables 6-circuit ProCable and Starcable assemblies, plus standard assemblies constructed with S Type cables are Listed for Extra Hard Usage. NEC Article 520 requires the use of Extra Hard Usage cables in Theaters, Audience Areas of Motion Picture and Television Studios, Performance Areas, and Similar Locations. Hard Usage – Pro Cables standard assemblies constructed with SJ Type cables are Listed for Hard Usage. NEC Article 520 requires the use of Hard Usage cables in Motion Picture and Television Studios and Similar Locations
As ever, you have managed to perform minor miracles in getting things completed to deadline.
Ian Saunders White Light Ltd.
I really appreciate your attention to detail and your outstanding customer service!
Bradlee G. Jones PSAV
Thank you so much for getting this out to our customer in Macau. They were extremely impressed and grateful. You and your team did a fantastic job.
Julie Duarte 4Wall
Just wanted to say a big thank you for turning all the cable around last week. All went out on trucks in time. Appreciate all the support from you guys.
Lucy Taylor VER
Thanks for making my sh** week that little bit easier
Ed Railton Limelite Lighting Limited
TMB delivered great technical support for our supply of Flare LR Q+ fixtures. It is a great product we’re happy to stock. TMB support and the Flare product line is a great pairing.
Robert Kennedy Solotech