TMB Introduces New Products at PLASA

August 26, 2011

TMB Introduces New Products at PLASA

August 26, 2011


London, England

Cygnus – A NEW standard of luminaire from Wybron.

Premiering at PLASA – the Cygnus Incite 375W Profile, the latest addition to the Cygnus range of LED fixtures by Wybron!  Incite offers unprecedented lumens-per-Watt efficiency, with a CRI up to 92 (5x the brightness of competing fixtures).  The quiet, advanced thermal management system ensures optimal output and consistent colour for many years.  Proprietary in-lens colour-mixing technology provides smooth, virtually rainbow-free shadows.  Advanced electronics provide step-free dimming over the longest fades, and Incite is fully RDM capable.  The Cygnus family also includes the super-bright LED Wash and Studio Series.  From Wybron, the leader in innovative lighting technology.  UK exclusive distribution by TMB.

IMS – Intelligent Marquee Systems. 

DMX-controlled LED marquee lighting for indoor and outdoor applications (Portable and Architectural versions available).  Each “pixel” in these systems is the shape of a regular light bulb, with a regular medium-screw lamp base.  The system’s “Vampire-Tap” IDT lamp bases allow complete freedom of lamp spacing, on regular two-conductor wire carrying both signal and low-voltage power.  Also, IMS instantly retrofits in existing festoon systems!  Bulbs are available in RGB, warm white, and cool white.  IMS provides a unique look for indoor/outdoor lighting systems, low-resolution video, and more.  Worldwide exclusive distribution by TMB.

ProFan with NEW user-friendly Back Pack controller.

The popular and powerful ProFan now features an improved, user-friendly Back Pack detachable controller with DMX and Manual modes, plus master/slave functionality.  The new Back Pack easily retrofits to any existing ProFan.  Compact, rugged, and lightweight, the highly versatile ProFan is perfect for a variety of professional applications:  Studios, Theatres, Theme Parks, Touring, Photographic and more.  ProFan is perfect for filling large areas with smoke and haze, creating special wind effects, blowing confetti, snow or bubbles, cooling performers and general ventilation.  Worldwide exclusive distribution by TMB.

ProPlex DDD – Data Distribution Devices High-performance, tour-grade signal management solutions!   

Exclusively distributed worldwide, new products in the ProPlex DDD range include:  GBS gigabit Ethernet switches; RMT remote media transceivers; Opto-Splitter isolated DMX/RDM splitters; and IQ bidirectional ArtNet-DMX converters.

ProPlex GBS – Gigabit Ethernet Switches.
Gigabit Ethernet switches designed for portable entertainment and staging applications.  Rugged!  Reconfigurable!  1U Rack Mount is fully populated with movable port modules.  Any combination of the 10 auto-switching ports can be moved between front and rear panels for practical, gig-specific wiring.  Worldwide exclusive distribution by TMB.

ProPlex RMT – Remote Media Transceiver Systems.
RMT DVI Series, available Autumn 2011.  Unique proprietary multiplexing system allows up to 16 discrete full-bandwidth HD DVI signals to propagate over one ProPlex Fibre cable!  Transmitters include buffered monitor output and full DVI Parrot functionality on each input.  All DVI connectors are separate from the circuit boards and are easily replaceable.  Star configuration and repeater options are also supported.  Worldwide exclusive distribution by TMB

ProPlex Opto-Splitter – Rack Mount and Portable Mount DMX and RDM isolated splitter/repeaters.  The rackmount Opto-Splitter 2×8 features eight optically isolated DMX512 outputs individually switchable between two inputs.  Also available with full RDM support, the unit features a useful regeneration option for degraded signals.  The Opto-Splitter Mini is a 1-in, 5-out portable unit in a Portable Mount enclosure.  Worldwide exclusive distribution by TMB.

ProPlex IQ – Rack Mount and Portable Mount bidirectional ArtNet-DMX converters.  IQ One 4 and IQ One 8 convert between Art-Net and 4 or 8 universes of DMX, respectively.  Featuring web interfaces as well as front-panel controls, IQ One products are rugged, intuitive, and quick to configure.  Worldwide exclusive distribution by TMB.

All ProPlex DDD models are available in Rack Mount and Portable Mount versions.  The Portable Mount units feature two sizes of durable BSH™ (Brick S*** House) enclosures designed for tabletops, rack-mounting, or truss mounting via an optional yoke.  Extreme care has been taken to design and build versatile and extremely reliable systems for professionals working in portable entertainment production.  Shock-mounted circuitry is designed for extreme temperatures and conditions.  Neutrik™ XLR, Fibre and Power connectors are featured, plus unique, easily replaceable DVI connectors.

Rockswitch – A/B manual DMX and Art-Net console switchers

The new Rockswitch can switch up to eight universes of DMX and Art-Net at the same time and is fully RDM compatible.  The passive design features electrically isolated mechanical components, preventing any power interruption interfering with signal flow.  Housed in rugged rackmount enclosures, Rockswitch is an ideal master/backup switch between discrete systems on any gig.  Perfect for touring, television, and special events, four models switch 4 or 8 DMX universes, and 4 or 8 DMX and Art-Net universes.  From Rock Solid Technologies in Germany, Rockswitch is exclusively distributed in the UK and the Americas by TMB.


As ever, you have managed to perform minor miracles in getting things completed to deadline.
Ian Saunders White Light Ltd.
I really appreciate your attention to detail and your outstanding customer service!
Bradlee G. Jones PSAV
Thank you so much for getting this out to our customer in Macau. They were extremely impressed and grateful. You and your team did a fantastic job.
Julie Duarte 4Wall
Just wanted to say a big thank you for turning all the cable around last week. All went out on trucks in time. Appreciate all the support from you guys.
Lucy Taylor VER
Thanks for making my sh** week that little bit easier
Ed Railton Limelite Lighting Limited
TMB delivered great technical support for our supply of Flare LR Q+ fixtures. It is a great product we’re happy to stock. TMB support and the Flare product line is a great pairing.
Robert Kennedy Solotech