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TMB offers products and services to entertainment production and staging professionals worldwide. Formed in 1983 as the first one-stop supply network for touring professionals, TMB services a worldwide market from offices in Los Angeles, London, New York, Toronto and Beijing. TMB supplies rental companies, dealers, manufacturers and architectural lighting specifiers/designers anywhere on the globe with anything and everything they need – when they need it! TMB is a full service company providing technical help, customer service, and follow-up. Friendly reliable service is TMB’s trademark – every order gets Rush Service Normal treatment with no added cost.

Mission Statement

TMB is a value-added reseller of quality products and services to professional companies. Our goal is to be a strategic asset for our customers and vendors, supporting their profitable growth by getting the right products, to the right place, at the right time. We deliver what we say we will, where we say we will, when we say we will.

We work together as a global team: Every one of our customers and vendors benefit from the combined strengths of all our employees and resources, worldwide.

We attempt to be well informed about the products that we sell and the conditions of their use.

Our company’s roots are in Rock and Roll Touring and the foundation of our success is our “Show must go on”, “Rush Service Normal” philosophy.

We believe that Fun is Profitable and try to make doing business as much fun as possible, without losing focus or efficiency.


We deal with all companies and individuals in the same manner as we would like to be dealt with.

We treat all individuals – employees, customers, vendors – with respect and dignity. At TMB, people matter! We recognize the contribution that every single employee in each and every location makes towards our success.

We are committed to growing our company, while remaining true to our roots and the “show must go on” philosophy that is the basis of our success. We will do everything in our power to remain a “small company” however large we grow.

Honesty is the best policy. Always be truthful.

We value our long-term relationships with our customers over the profit (or loss) on any one sale. We do everything in our power to honor all customer commitments. Our number one way of growing our company is through valuing and taking care of our existing customers, vendors and employees.

We consider all problems to be opportunities for learning and growth. We only expect our employees to learn from their mistakes.

Sales Policy

Within the Entertainment Market, TMB sells at discounted prices to companies who are investing in products to generate direct profit, as a primary part of their business, through either resale or rental. This includes rental companies, dealers, and OEMs.

TMB quotes at full published list prices to all others.  Wherever possible, we refer all such customers to our TMB dealers.*

* Note:  See “TMB Pro-User Products” for a limited and specific exception to above.

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