A sophisticated DMX512/RDM tester built into an XLR connector!


The nanoScope is a DMX512/RDM tester built into an XLR connector.  It is a small battery powered tester for DMX512 and RDM that lights up in different colors to let you know what it finds.

There are two modes, which you can select by a recessed slide switch which is also the power switch.

In ’Pixel Mode’, nanoScope displays the first 3 DMX channels as an RGB mix.  This allows the tool to be used as a pixel mimic to provide confidence that the expected data is on the cable.

’Analysis Mode’ displays colored blips that represent different attributes of the DMX signal.  The sequence comprises one long blip followed by a train of short blips.  The long blips will be either green or red to indicate overall good or bad data respectively.

Color Code:

Orange: Break Length out of range, less than 88uS (an error)
Magenta: Mark After Break (MaB), less than 8uS (an error)
Yellow: Framing error (an error but does occur legitimately during RDM discovery)
Red: RDM data format wrong (an error)
Pink: Packet too long, contains more than 512 channels (an error)

Cyan: Less than 512 channels in data (informational)
Warm White: Non-Zero start codes (excluding RDM) detected (usually informational but can be an error)
Green: RDM detected in data (informational)
Mint: RDM draft detected in data (informational)
UV Blue: RDM responses detected (informational)
Ice Blue: DMX Test Packets detected (informational)



  • Small form factor
  • Colour coded display
  • Battery powered
  • Pixel mimic


  • Listing: CE FCC
  • IP Rating: Indoor use
  • Height: 38 mm
  • Width: 20 mm
  • Depth: 135 mm
  • Signal Connection: XLR5
  • Power Source: 2 x AAA battery
  • Battery Life: Continuous operation: 72 hours; Standby: 380 hours


  • Net Mass: 0.06 kg
  • Approximate Carton Mass: 0.05 kg
  • Approximate Carton Dimensions: 130 x 30 x 20 mm
  • Volume: 78000 mm³
  • Manufacturer: Artistic Licence Engineering Ltd
  • Country of Manufacture: The United Kingdom
As ever, you have managed to perform minor miracles in getting things completed to deadline.
Ian Saunders White Light Ltd.
I really appreciate your attention to detail and your outstanding customer service!
Bradlee G. Jones PSAV
Thank you so much for getting this out to our customer in Macau. They were extremely impressed and grateful. You and your team did a fantastic job.
Julie Duarte 4Wall
Just wanted to say a big thank you for turning all the cable around last week. All went out on trucks in time. Appreciate all the support from you guys.
Lucy Taylor VER
Thanks for making my sh** week that little bit easier
Ed Railton Limelite Lighting Limited
TMB delivered great technical support for our supply of Flare LR Q+ fixtures. It is a great product we’re happy to stock. TMB support and the Flare product line is a great pairing.
Robert Kennedy Solotech

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